Prompts: E-Mail Time Capsule

" will collect thousands of letters that our readers have written to themselves. And we’ll deliver them up to 20 years later. Preserving a physical time capsule is simple: just shove it in the dirt and forget about it. But... Read More


Lightbox Compositions

"Since I wanted to create an abstract image of the Moleskine notebook, I set the focus very close to the notebook (pocket, squared pages) so that the image would turn into a blur, locked the exposure on its black surface... Read More


Wallet Vs. Notebook

"I carry around a notebook instead of a wallet now. I use a Moleskine Notebook. I like it cause it has a pocket for cash, and cards and receipts. Anyways, I write stuff in it obviously, but I have lots... Read More


New Bonsai Tree

"I took the Juniper out of its ugly black one gallon pot and shook all of the soil loose from the roots. After looking around with shifty eyes, I took the stolen chopstick and used it to untangle the roots... Read More


Moleskine at Lovemarks

<STRONG>By far the best that I’ve come across</STRONG> "I’ve been in search for perfect notebooks and pens for years. Moleskine notebooks are by far the best that I’ve come across. The classic look and the quality of paper with the... Read More


Moleskine Fan Video

Presenting the first Moleskine fan video I’ve seen: "I don’t know if you’ve ever featured a video about Moleskine but I would like to submit the following video to share with others. Late 2004 I played the part of a... Read More


Anonyrrie: Speechless

Somebody sent us this link to Carla’s blog, Anonyrrie and I found this exquisite drawing: "So what did I do? I opened my new moleskine and doodled this lady with flower power. I drew her with a micron pen and... Read More


Write Places: Airstream

"We stopped at a McDonald’s near Malibu Canyon to go to the bathroom the other day. A father and his kids got out of a truck pulling a gorgeous vintage Airstream. And it hit me. You already know that I’ve... Read More


Why I write

" I try, with varying success, to live an examined life. For how must life be lived, according to one thinker, than for it to have meaning and direction, and not as fate would, perchance to an unseen hand. In... Read More


My Moleskine: Prettyjjbean

Here’s a series of excellent Moleskine sketches by prettyjjbean" doodle, doodle, draw, draw…this is what i do. " she says. Moleskinerie/FLICKR.© All rights reserved. Used with permission. Greetings to our friends in Jersey City, NJ., Nerrina, Cologne, Harari, Caracas, Tartu,... Read More