Pentagram 2006 Calendars


For a while now I’ve used Pentagram’s "Classic Typographic" calendars to keep track. I bought one from Ken Knight last year and he has sent us samples of this year’s editions.

Each month features a different font with a short explanation of its origins. My birth month July, is in "Premium" while April is playfully rendered in "Dividend". The cover is a composite of the fonts’ outlines.


The 2006 Pentagram Calendar 365 Wall/SuperSize 23"x33" Limited Edition
Huge. This should  help you  remember  your appointments in a big way. Large Moleskine sketchbook placed for size comparison.


The 2006 Pentagram Calendar 365 Desk/Wall 12"x18" Limited Edition, with the large sketchbook.


The 2006 Pentagram 365 Calendars, wall and desk/desk versions. Take your pick!

To order, visit

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Pentagram 2006 Calendars

  1. Holly says:

    By the way, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, who designed all the typefaces used in this year’s calendar, have just published the font collection online at

  2. ben weeks says:

    Where can I buy these pentagram calendars? Is there a mailing list to be informed when 2007’s (8’s etc)is ready?

  3. IL Postino says:

    I’m sure Ken Knight can help you. Please contact him directly:

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