Portable Analog Storage Device


"My Moleskine classic pocket plain notebook arrived from Ninth Wave
Designs’ eBay store. But first about the pencils. Until now I’ve used a Pilot G2
07 pen. Great pens. But I’ve been wanting to try out pencils. I was in OfficeMax
recently and looked over all the pencils and bought some Mirado Black Warrior HB
pencils. (That’s the black one in the picture. Duh!) The big problem was
sharpening them. I have a desk mounted pencil sharpener but the pencil is not
always near the sharpener when it needs to be sharpened. I’ve become a regular
at the Pencil Revolution blog and I noted that people seem to use the little
handheld blade pencil sharpeners. I thought I would give one a try so at my last
trip to OfficeMax (I admit I’m an OfficeMax junkie.)"

Gordon Coale
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7 thoughts on “Portable Analog Storage Device

  1. I encountered the same problem and solved it with the Faber-Castell perfect pencil. It’s cap not only serves as an extender to use every last bit of the pencil but also contains a sharpener (simply twist the cap and it will reveal the sharpener). Together with the eraser on the pencil’s back end it really is the perfect pencil. Take a look at it for example at Laywines (http://www.laywines.com/prodPensPencils.html – please scroll down to bottom).
    Admittedly, there are cheaper ways to write in your Moleskine, but a lot ones that are less beautiful.

  2. Gordon,
    I can so totally relate to where you are. I have found Moleskinerie and the Pencil Revolution and have become so infected with their essence. My M habit is severe.

    I have been a pen collector/user since I was very young, but the PR has changed up my habits. I recently read the article about Faber-Castell. I have used mechanical pencils for a very long time and my adversion to wood pencils was the issue of the sharpener. How do you sharpen your pencil in the car or in line at the supermarket? The other issue on my mind is how do I carry the wood pencil in my pocket without breaking the point off and not get graphite all over my shirt/pants.

    So, I’m cruising through the Faber-Castell website reading all this exciting information about pencils and I find THE PERFECT PENCIL. A fine B lead (comes in a variety of grades of lead) in a lovely green colored pencil with a “cap” on it. The cap is also a sharpener! Wow! All my problems solved in one nice little package. I was so excited I searched for it on the web and came to PenCity.com. Package comes with 3 pencils with eraser and the cap for about $25.

    It arrived and has been a mainstay of my writing experience for weeks now. I am thrilled with the whole setup. I really like using a pencil. (Not quiet as much as a fine fountain pen with Noodler’s ink.)

    But alas, the pencil that thrills me the most, so far (not having tried a Palamino), is the Ticonderoga soft lead in black paint. The pencil point fits in the Perfect Pencil cap with sharpener so I don’t have to worry about the previous concerns. Only difference is the Faber-Castell pencils are cut a little shorter to make the combination about the size of a standard length writing instrument.

    All in all this shows that once again the diversity of the Moleskine notebook is limited only by the imagination of the user. – – – Happy M skinin’.

  3. I go for either the Staedtler Noris Ergosoft or the Ticonderoga Tri-write. There is something about the triangular shape of these pencils that fit my fingers better the the round ones.

  4. I want to use pencils more and I love the black warrior pencil myself. I also have a Faber Castel E-Motion pencil but I think I prefer the cheaper ones (yeek). I use a small metal sharpener that came with a sketching kit.

    Unfortunately I dont have an easy way to carry around the pencils so I just use a pen on the go.

  5. The only reason I use pen instead of pencil is fear that my writing is not permanent. I want everything I put in a moleskine to be there for my kids, even if they would just ignore it. Everything from shopping lists to my most personal thoughts – I consider my moleskine (odd as it may be) to be a part of my legacy.

  6. I don’t know who you folks are or what this site is about; I happened on it via a Google search for “pen cap.” But it sure did answer my yearning for a device that would let me carry and use the wooden pencils I love without constant breakage or the need to tote a separate sharpener–which always disappoints because it sharpens at such a shallow angle that the point doesn’t hold. I followed Chris’s advice and Matthias’s, and now I am happily awaiting arrival of a Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil from PenCity.com. Thank you all for sharing what you know.


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