The “Secret” Magnetic Strip


"Has anyone else found the "hidden" magnetic strip inside their Moleskine? I knew
that there was one on the packaging, but this is the first Moleskine, of mine, I
have found with the strip inside as well."


11 thoughts on “The “Secret” Magnetic Strip

  1. As far as I’m aware, they are placed only by your bookstore. I’d be rather upset if somebody attached an adhesive strip on an acid free page; even if you immediately remove it, in several decades that area will look “burned”.

    It’s not a Moleskine thing, it’s your retailer.

  2. Those magnetic strips are indeed used to prevent theft. If a store has magnetic strip sensors at their exit doors of course.

    I’ve not seen one yet in any of mine.

  3. So do the Moleskines arive at the store with any wrapping, then are inserted with sensors, and then wrapped? Or do the stores unwrap them, sensor them, then re wrap? The ladder just seems weird to me, taking the product out of its origonal wrapping then re wrapping it. Not necessary, but insight would be interesting. I guees that is why whenever I go to the bookstore the ssecurity alarm goes off. Then when they see my pages are full the they let me get on my way.

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