Twinscover_1Mention of "notebooks" are all over the place. NYT’s Judith
Miller talked about hers multiple times in one radio interview. Add to
all that this excerpt from the new book TWINS:

The week before school started, I went shopping for school supplies,
and every night before I fell asleep, I would look over my purchases. I
bought a pink three ring binder and two thin spiral notebooks made from
recycled paper, two boxes of extra fine pens, one black, one purple, a
box of number two unsharpened pencils, two packages of pastel colored
index cards, file folders, a lime green stapler, three pink high
lighters, and a translucent pink pencil case. I had filled this pencil
case with one purple pen, one black pen, a pink highlighter, an eraser
and index cards. I had also bought an introduction to French book and a
French-English dictionary, a Webster New World dictionary and two SAT
study guides.

I hid these supplies under my bed but Sue found them. I had no lock for
the door, and Sue found them one night when I was in the shower.

"You used to buy make-up," Sue said, tapping a pink highlighter on top of the dictionary. "Clothes."
I shrugged.

I used to be interested in clothes and make-up, but it seemed hopeless
now. Lisa Markman was gone. Even though she wrote every once in awhile,
I knew that we would never be friends. Even if Lisa continued to like
me, Sue wouldn’t allow it. No one who got close to me would ever be
safe. That summer it began to feel ridiculous to worry about my
appearance if I could not expect to have either friends or a boyfriend,
so I decided that I would be smart instead of pretty. Every night, I
studied for at least an hour before I went to sleep: irregular verbs
for the French class I would take in the fall, vocabulary for the SATs.

"They have nothing to teach us at school, you know." Sue flipped
through the pages of my SAT guide. She was rough with the book,
purposefully ripping pages as she went. "I say we run away, join the
circus or maybe go to Alaska on a fishing boat."

Sue put down my SAT guide and opened a new spiral notebook, uncapped a
new purple pen, wrote Chloe and Sue’s Adventures in Alaska. The
notebook was ruined."

By Marcy Dermansky

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