Why I Bought a Moleskine


"As you can probably tell, I generally don’t like silly accessories for
writing. You hear people talking about how writing with a lead pencil
on paper feels more natural, or about using a typewriter with one
continous stream-of-consciousness roll of paper, like Kerouac, or
sitting in coffee shops for inspiration, etc, etc… These are all just
excuses for not having any ideas. It doesn’t matter how or on what you
write something. It’s all just displacement activity (like ranting in a
blog), so you don’t have to do any actual writing. Think about it,
you’re at home, and you think, Hey, I’m going to go to a cafe and write
the greatest dealie ever, so you have a shower, put on some half-decent
clothes, get in the car, drive to a cafe, order a coffee, get out your
Moleskine and fountain pen, tap the pen against your chin for a while,
look at your watch, and decide that if you want to get home in time to
make dinner you’d better finish your coffee and leave, and you’re
writing day is over, stopping to pick up a continous roll of
typewriting paper on the way home, because maybe that’s what’s wrong,
the lack of such.

I bought it ’cause I wanted something to write
my rhymes in, in a more permanent sense. I have a million 32 cent
notebooks for random ideas and on-the-run-drafts. Well, a million is a
bit of an exageration, obviously. The Moleskine is for final drafts of
wordy things under about 300 words.

I don’t have any good excuses, really."

The Steet of the Lifted Tom
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Image: "Poppy 1" by Visual Impact @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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