My First Moleskine!


"Today was like Christmas. I came home and my wife said there was a
package waiting for me on the kitchen counter. She was curious but not
trying to pry. ( I hadn’t mantioned that I had ordered this). My
youngest son was dying to know what was in the box. I had checked my
USPS tracking number earlier in the day and didn’t expect the package
for another 48 hours. But there it was. Waiting for me to open it. My
first Moleskine sketchbook.

Since I started blogging, about a
month ago, I kept running across sites or comments that talked about
the wonderful sketch books used by artists, writers and all around
brilliant people to record their thoughts and images–Solitary blogs of
the last century if you will. The quality of paper and binding seemed
to be why these little books seemed so attractive. Along with the
eleastic page holder and the bookmark ribbon.

So, I tried mine for the first time tonight…."

"My First Moleskine"
By Chuck Rose
Visit his blog: "Struggling to paint"


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Well, enjoy your weekend everyone. Get out, have a snowball fight
to vent your frustrations – and write about it! See y’all on Monday!

2 thoughts on “My First Moleskine!

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to buy a moleskine (for the first time). Several times I started a diary but it is a hard job to persist. I am not good in drawing but (a little bit?) good in photographing and I want to add now and then a picture in my diary (also parts of news paper, …)but after a while the book is 5 cm thick at the one side and 2 at the other. So I tried an electronic one but that program works very slowly. So I will try a moleskine. In looking a shop which is selling those things I found a firm which is distributing those things. Someone working in that firm told me the interest in moleskine was increasing specially around one town Gent. Are there groups dealing with moleskine in Belgium? I am interested in all thing dealing with paper, fountain pens, papermaking, …
    Tomorrow shops are open and I hope to find one tomorrow!
    It is snowing here too!

  2. I bought my first Moleskine today, and I found it in an unexpected place. I live in Japan (been in Nagoya for three months), and I never thought I’d find them here; I assumed I’d have to buy them online back home, and have my Dad mail them to me. So you can imagine my surprise when I wandered into Maruzen Bookstore in Sakae and saw the orange Moleskine label. So I bought their entire stock of ten small sized lined notebooks. Fantastic notebooks. Can’t wait to write a bad short story in one 🙂



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