Analog Doom

Cgn"I had my first daily planner in first or second grade. I don’t
remember those years clearly, but I remember keeping track of my
homework in a notebook specifically designed for that purpose. I was
also practicing to be a private detective, so I had another notebook
very carefully marked SPY NOTES – PRIVATE on its cover.

In junior high, I distinctly remember decorating my daily planners with stickers. I decorated everything with stickers.  My glasses
had stickers on them. It was kind of a sickness, that stickering thing,
and was to be the last of my Utterly Girly phases. The world is

When I got to high school, all the kids had Chandler’s
assignment notebooks. They were just called Chandler’s, as in, "Here,
let me write my phone number in your Chandler’s." (By the way, that was
a big deal, my freshman year: a boy wrote his home phone number in my
Chandler’s. Those were the days of fretting over when exactly you
should call someone’s home phone, or when someone would call yours, so
you didn’t get scolded and/or teased by your family. Ah, the days
before mobiles.) I was obsessive about my Chandler’s. I designed a
color scheme for my schedule, and when I had homework in a certain
subject, I’d write it in with that color pen.  Ah, metadata…"

"Analog Doom"

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2 thoughts on “Analog Doom

  1. I love this site, a person can always learn something new! “Grimoire” was not previously in my vocabulary. Wikipedia gives a great definition.

    I am curious as to why the author’s friends call her planner a “Book of Doom”? Having friends #’s would seem more like a “Book of Light” to me!

  2. re: Book of Doom.

    Perhaps in reference to England’s ‘Doomsday Book’? It was an extensive census done for tax purposes sometime around 1000 AD. It was what i thought of first.

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