DIY – Paper Bookmarks

Here’s a clever project sent in by a designer in Italy:


"Get the pdf from the float box, and follow the instruction in it, or continue to read this post.

1) Print the pdf on an A4 paper, possibly on a borderless printer
(recycled paper is better for nature) or rescale it to a 95-98%…."


"6) Put the bookmark on the upper left or upper right angle of you book….enjoy it"

Fabio Sirna

Visit his blog.

4 thoughts on “DIY – Paper Bookmarks

  1. Please note that I do a new version, for Moleskine too. The permalink is the same, but I’ve updated picture (people do that I don’t know english lang 😉 ) and the pdf. 🙂

    Sorry sorry sorry for my mistake…next time in Italian 🙂

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