“Encre Sympathique”

InvThis product has always intrigued me. Perhaps I’ll try a bottle…

"Is it invisible? Well, it’s less visible. The ink is wet, and there is a
slight tint, so the very curious can probably tell that the paper isn’t as
prisitine as it once was.

I let the paper dry and take it to my halogen lamp. Holding it near, the
writing slowly comes to life in an aquamarine blue. This is thoroughly
fascinating to see. What’s almost as intriguing, is that walking away from the
lamp, the ink fades back to “invisible”, as if one saw the paper reveal a
secret, temporal message.
Is it truly a method for secret record keeping and communication? It
probably suffices for some purposes.
Some possible uses for invisible ink:
# Love notes
# Communicating
# Sketching tentative ideas"

Stephen Worotynec
Visit his blog, Paper and Pencil.

2 thoughts on ““Encre Sympathique”

  1. When I was a kid, every chemistry set anyone ever gave me included a bottle of cobalt chloride and instructions for making this kind of invisible ink. Lots of fun! You could use the same stuff to make a “weather forecaster” — paper painted with a different concentration of the chemical would turn pink in high humidity, blue when the humidity fell. (Or you could look out the window to see whether or not it was raining, but this never occurred to my brother and me. True geeks are slow learners about practical matters.)

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