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"Poetry is too often a victim of snobophobia’s cold shoulder.
Snobophobia , as created and defined by me, is a fear of all things
snobbish. This is not a big deal in itself, but it’s a slippery slope
that leads to snobophobes fearing all things associated (whether
regularly or inconsistently) with snobs. Common snobophobe statements

Poetry is emotional drivel.
Poets are really aliens who couldn’t fit in with earthlings so they created their own genre and profession.
Poets aren’t good enough writers to be novelists.
Cats are snobbish.

the last case, this is simply a projection of human behavior onto an
animal. Cats actually are incredibly self-reliant and complicated
creatures. The mysterious cat baffles many people and those people in
turn say nasty things about cats. However, only cat people care what
other people say about cats; cats themselves are too busy finding the
most comfortable sleeping spot to pay any mind.

I digress.
Poetry, like any other genre, explores life from the point of view of
the particular poet. It has its own qualities and drawbacks, but I
wouldn’t say that it’s better or worse than novels or essays or any
other medium. Instead of judging poetry for what it isn’t, I suggest
finding out what different poets have to offer…"

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