Fisher Space Pens & Moleskine Notebooks


"Quite possibly the best pen I have ever used is the Space Pen by Fisher. The pen
writes very smoothly and is very reliable (no more hiccups in the ink). The pen
will also write on almost anything and anywhere. It can write on greasy paper,
underwater, and even in zero gravity. The pen cartridges are pressurized so the
ink will flow smoothly even in the worst of conditions.

I had on of the
really nice Bullet Pens but because it was so compact and the clip kept falling
off I lost it after a month. I didn’t want to buy another $20 pen that I was
going to lose Jotters yetso now I just put the refills in the Parker Jotter,
which works great and I don’t worry about loosing them altho I never have lost
one of my jotters yet. "

"Fisher Space Pens & Moleskine Notebooks"
By Eric Taylor
Silverdragon Studios

Image: Eastgate


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14 thoughts on “Fisher Space Pens & Moleskine Notebooks

  1. The SpacePen is clever and rugged, but lacks finesse in the writing. I am a big fan of the Pilot Vanishing Point series. These are just gorgeous pens, and they write with great precision, making them ideal for Moleskine. They give the beauty of a fountain pen with the convenience of a retractable ballpoint. Fantastic.

    BTW, I am offering two beautiful Vanishing Points from my collection on eBay right now. See eBay seller: thewhippet2003, items 6588592840 and 6588593252. There are some nice other pens I am offering too, including a Waldmann and a killer Waterman Cobra. Have a look!

  2. I had the exact opposite problem as the original poster — I liked the bullet pen but wasn’t a fan of the medium point refill that came loaded inside the pen. I just purchased a bold point, and I greatly prefer it. Hopefully this means I’ll use my very spiffy bullet pen more often; though it seems unlikely I’ll be writing underwater or in orbit any time soon to really put the “space pen” to the test.

  3. In reply to Alia:

    I didn’t like the medium point that came with the pen so I bought a fine point and prefer it much more than the med point. Altho I can say that I did use the med point till it was dry. I hate wasting things 😉

  4. Alternative, the Uni PowerTank comes in three models, fine medium and bold, multiple colors and shares the Fisher upside-down-writing ability for about $3 a pop.

  5. Kevin,

    I bought a Uni PowerTank about a month ago. (The local drug store only had a black, medium point, and it was marked down to a buck.) It didn’t write at all, and I sent it back to Sanford. They very speedily sent me a new pen, plus some goodies. I’m still not pleased with the PowerTank’s ink flow, and the under-sized cap is awkward to store when not on the pen. (I did like the Uni-Ball Gel RT that was included in the goodies Sanford sent.)


    My desire not to waste the medium point refill is exactly why I put up with it for so long. It stubbornly refuses to run out of ink, however, so it’s been swapped into a Sensa pen (that’s not wasting it, right?) and I can now enjoy the broad point in my beloved, rainbow titanium bullet pen. (Nobody’s going to steal *that* from the IT conference room…sometimes it’s good to be the only girl.)

    Obviously, we need to find someone who likes the Fisher medium point and swap with them.

  6. I have an older Fisher Space and like the consistent ink flow. I do have some issues with ink building up around the edges of the ball, but other than that, it’s a good pen. I don’t like black ink all that much and found, to my surprise, that you can get Black, Blue and Red in Fine Point and the same in medium point, plus Green. I don’t know if they share the same characteristics though – the thick and consistent ink flow.

  7. I’ve tried a few of the colors (I think there are ten or a dozen or so), and they are all equally smooth. I’m not crazy about how light the tint of the blue is, though, and the turquoise replaces it very nicely.

    I have three Space Pens (too many!), but one was free. At, there are regular promotions via email wherein you get free bullet pens for spending like $40 or $50 (which is easy to do!).

    The recent black refills almost look like rollerball to me. Nice and dark:)

  8. What Johnny said about the rollerball effect.

    Mine is the ‘titanium’ barrel. It feels kind of strange in my hand, but I’m getting used to it.

  9. I have had nothing but trouble writing in my Moleskine lined journal with the Fisher Space Pen. The pen will write on anything else I have tried, but it is almost impossible to use in the Moleskine!!?? The lines are faint, very skippy, and just overall ugly to look at.

  10. I have that problem, too, Kurt, especially with the small lines in the grid pages. I ordered a fine black refill, and it’s as smooth on a Moleskine as anything else now. I’ve been using Space Pens for a long time, and I’m completely kicking myself for not having done this sooner. 🙂

    I think most places won’t charge you full shipping fees for just one refill; I tacked mine onto a larger order, so I’m not sure.

  11. Space Pens are great, no ink dripping in my pockets. Only thing is, I keep losing them. At £20 a go in the UK this is becoming expensive. I’m thinking about drilling a hole in the cap and fitting a small keyring.

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