Merry (Insert appropriate celebration here) everyone!


Winter is an awfully inconvenient time to move here in the Midwest but  I’m
finally settled in and feeling home at last. Thanks to all those who called, sent
cards and emailed their greetings and concerns. Blogging can be lonely sometimes
so hearing from you is always a treat.
Seeing more people rediscover creativity on paper never fail to give me
the warm fuzzies. Wherever you are this holiday season – whether curled up
around a warm fireplace, sprawled on the beach or huddled  at work in some
forsaken cubicle, take comfort in the thought that somebody just like you,
somewhere, in worse or better circumstances, is committing this memory to paper to be perused at a later date. Look beyond the angst, stop and smell the new notebook.
Onward literate legions!
From my new "crib" to yours – Merry (Insert appropriate celebration here) — or Happy Festivus!


– Visit Moleskinerie @ SQUIDOO. Mike Rohde’s Moleskine Resources and Dave Gray’s Visual Thinking School.
– If you happen to be in the area, WorkingUnit’s "MyMoleskine" exhibit
is ongoing in Taipei until the end of the month.

Merry Christmas everyone. Get out, celebrate – and write about it! See y’all on Tuesday!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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