Moleskine at Starbucks in Roppongi


Starbucks in Roppongi.

By Al-Hayat @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.

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5 Responses to Moleskine at Starbucks in Roppongi

  1. Andrea says:

    So what? It doesn’t seem so interesting to me.

    Last week I went to Starbucks in Roppongi (or was it an Excelsior Café?), I wrote in my Moleskine but did not feel the urge to show the world about that.

  2. Nice pic, now I gotta stop at Starbuck’s before work. 😉

  3. Andrea, your comments are well taken. Here’s another perspective which I respectfully share with you:

  4. Kal Zakath says:

    One problem with our world is the refusal of people to look at things from different perspectives. Photos are a way to look at things from a certain perspective. The person who took that photo, could have been showing how, for example, the scenery influenced their writing.

  5. Sgt Ret says:

    It is early in the morning on Boxing Day. Why did the image of a garden gnome come to mind when I glanced at your Moleskine sitting there?

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