Moleskine Pouch?

Can anybody tell us what this means?


A user in Japan has apparently found a solution to the lingering "cover" issue. Translation needed from the original post.

Update from Bemsha (see comment):
"The blogger concludes that the "experiment" of applying a Hobonichi Techo nylon
cover on a Moleskine was a failure…"

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  1. The title of this blog entry is “Moleskine Meets the Hobonichi Cover.”

    The author of the blog seems to have been inspired by what another blogger did (see the following link) – recycling the colourful paper strip/wrap/belt that comes with each Moleskine by placing it between the nylon cover of a do-it-yourself (well, kind of) pocket size notebook popular in Japan called Hobonichi Techo and a transparent cover:

    (FYI, Hobonichi Techo means Almost-Everyday Pocket Notebook, owing its name from a blog that’s updated almost daily by a multi-talented copywriter famous in Japan, who and his assitants wanted to create the Ultimate Pocket Notebook, thus inviting people publicly to submit suggestions in improving the medium – I guess you can say their notebook has a parallel with Linux.)

    The blogger whose link was featured today on Moleskine tried using the Hobonichi Techo nylon cover on the thick Moleskine pocket (daily) diary, but found out that the nylon cover was larger horizontally than the diary, which made it look awkward:

    To make the best out of this problem, the blogger placed a pocket Moleskine notebook on the other side of the nylon cover, which fitted well:

    … but once the blogger closed the nylon cover, he found that it was way too thick – thicker than a normal pocket size dictionary – and very heavy to the point of being impractical:

    The blogger concludes that the “experiment” of applying a Hobonichi Techo nylon cover on a Moleskine was a failure…

  2. I don’t like the idea of putting a cover on a moleskine. It’s just to elegant and simple to need one. I think the saimplicity and beauty of the moleskine stands on its own.

  3. I’m still loving my leather covers from renaissance art. I use the small wrap style for my pocket notebook and the large traditional cover for my story journal at home.

  4. That might not work, but a first page with a place for ID/Credit Card slots would be beautiful. Maybe on the inside front cover itself. It would only make it a tad thicker and would allow me to use a Moleskine as a wallet. I rarely carry cash and would need a place only for my driver’s license and a couple of credit/debit cards. That would be perfect.

  5. Hobonichi Techo is a product sold in the Website created by Itoi Shigesato, a famous copy-writer of Japan, and you can buy the cover through the shopping page of the website. It is only sold in a limited time period; this year from December 9 to 20. Other than nylon covers with various colors, they also have leather skin covers.

    The problem is that the entire site is in Japanese.

    I use their schedule book with a leather cover for two years now, along with Moleskin notes. (I myself don’t like the idea of using cover on the Moleskin.)

  6. Oh, man! Warning to others: I ordered what I thought was the organizer from Amazon Japan. Not expensive at all. Economy shipping was about the same as the organizer. Arrived in a week instead of 4 weeks as expected…

    This looks like an instruction manual for using the organizer!! LOL!!! Boy do I feel stupid! If anyone needs an instruction manual for the Hobonichiu Techo, in Japanese, I have one. Cheap! Drop me a line.

    There are a couple of Japanese market chains in So. Cal. I guess I’ll have to check with them.

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