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Sketching Sushi

Tentacles, wasabi…Karen Winters shows us how her sushi sketch came to be. Here’s one of my late in the day drawings from my Saturday sketchcrawl. I’ll be posting the other ones later but I have been tussling with ImageReady CS … Continue reading

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How to eat Sushi

"Maaa maaa maaa maaa" "Oh toh toh toh" "Sushi is awesome. Sushi is hot. Sushi is good. Sushi is tasty. Sushi is delicious. Sushi is fishy. Sushi sushi sushi sushi. Japanese people have one thing straight, and that’s sushi." "How … Continue reading

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“Encre Sympathique”

This product has always intrigued me. Perhaps I’ll try a bottle… "Is it invisible? Well, it’s less visible. The ink is wet, and there is a slight tint, so the very curious can probably tell that the paper isn’t as … Continue reading

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Moleskine at Starbucks in Roppongi

Starbucks in Roppongi. By Al-Hayat @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR Some rights reserved.

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Visual thinking practice: Bossman/Geek

Can you capture the dichotomy of your corporate culture in one picture? Today’s visual thinking practice will give you a chance to improve your visual thinking skills and simultaneously highlight the cultural gap between bosses and geeks. You’ll amuse yourself … Continue reading

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Brunette Confidential : ” Top 5 Undercover Gifts”

"Essential to following any scheme. Vital to cracking any code. Great at quickly writing down some hottie’s phone number. The moleskine reporter notebook is the only way to truly recruit new agents or deconstruct a vixen’s plan…." " Top 5 … Continue reading

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Sketching with a Moleskine

" When I am sketching in a small format my favorite type of sketchbook is a hardbound book, whether a Moleskine notebook or one of those standard black ones you see in every art supply store. They feel classy, and … Continue reading

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DIY – Paper Bookmarks

Here’s a clever project sent in by a designer in Italy: "Get the pdf from the float box, and follow the instruction in it, or continue to read this post. 1) Print the pdf on an A4 paper, possibly on … Continue reading

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A Man With a Plan (and Boy, Is It a Plan)

"Having unhappily put up with an unwieldy multitude of diaries, address books and notepads for years, Mr. Berendt caught the Gutenberg spirit three years ago and indulged in a little obsessive-compulsive print project of his own. He printed up all … Continue reading

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Sightings : “Poltergeist: The Legacy”

"This morning while getting ready to run the car in for an oil change I flipped on a Tivoed episode of the 1997 series "Poltergeist: The Legacy." The episode, entitled "Transference," features the escape of a serial killer from a … Continue reading

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