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"Zac Templeton is a Moleskiner. So is Hillary Thoren. No, they’re not
relieving small furry lawn pests of their pelts. Along with other South Sound
residents, they’re discovering a quaint and trendy low-tech way of taking notes
and recording notions.

Pen and paper.

Imagine that.

Moleskine (pronounced MOLE-uh-SKEEN-uh) notebooks are the anti-PDA, simple
and elegant cardboard-bound writing pads steeped in history and tradition. They
allow every user his or her own personal font (har har), and they return keeping
a journal to the art form it once was.

“I never leave mine at home,” said Templeton, 25, an assistant in the Office
of Student Affairs at the University of Washington Tacoma. “It’s better than
American Express.”

Templeton estimates he has gone through 15 Moleskine notebooks in recent
months. A food and wineNtrb columnist for the school newspaper, he jots down story
ideas and sketches table- and dinner-plate layouts in his pocket-size

BILL HUTCHENS; The News Tribune
Tacoma, WA. 11.29.05

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Image: "Useful Item # 3"
By phototosbyarkady @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR.
© All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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