Sketching with a Moleskine


" When I am sketching in a small format my favorite type of sketchbook is a
hardbound book, whether a Moleskine notebook or one of those standard black ones
you see in every art supply store. They feel classy, and are less conspicuous
when sketching around people since they will most likely assume you are just
reading a book or making journal or calendar entries.

The Moleskine does
have an advantage over many other hardbound journals and notebooks because it is
thinner and more portable. It will actually fit in your pocket, although it
might not be comfortable unless it is a coat pocket. Its small size makes it the
perfect traveling companion. Now you can carry a nice a sketchook with you
everywhere, which means sketching may happen in your life more often. And the
Moleskine pages do lie flat when open, which I think is their biggest selling
point. It’s much easier to draw on a perfectly flat surface….

who like to sketch in ink may also have difficulty with the Moleskine
sketchbook, depending on what type of ink they use. Of course if your ink tool
of choice is a ballpoint pen, then you can sketch on just about anything.
Pigment pens such as the Micron also work fairly well, as do gel pens. However,
those who sketch with a fountain pen will find that most inks will bead up in
the Moleskine sketchbook. The only fountain ink I’ve used successfully with the
sketchbook is Platinum’s Carbon black ink, and even this ink does feather
slightly, and doesn’t go on as black as it should.

You will have more
success with the fountain pen if you use the Moleskine notebook instead of the
sketchbook. The challenge is finding a fountain pen ink that is compatible with
the paper since many inks will bleed through or feather terribly on the

"Sketching with a Moleskine"
By Russ Stutler
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