Jkd" Practical fellow that I am I have
thought on this—spun myself up into an unbecoming web of thought,
perhaps—and come up with a technique.  Because I think that
technique provides a sort of extension into which what we call mind
can pour; consider technique a
lens a
scaffold or stilts
if you like, but it’s all and none of these.  With the right
technique, the impossible becomes the merely difficult.  The goal of
our current technique is to see if we might suckle a bit more of the
marrow from life, perhaps without stripping it bare, to cultivate a
mental state in which those epiphanic moments where we may just be
more proximate to whatever it is that surrounds us, envelopes us**,
which I am going to call the world here all the while resisting to
think of that name as anything other than an air-puff.  Unless one is
exceptionally gifted, she will not be able to directly access the
world by sheer force of will; that is to say, most of us, myself
included, find it difficult to come into closer contact with the
world for any sustained amount of time.  One needs to practice a
technique, much as one ought practice a bit of swimming before
leaping into the river, lest she be overwhelmed, and return gasping
for air to the shore…"

Jake Davis
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