The romance of pen and ink


"Until I first read The Country of the Pointed Firs (years and years ago), I’d
never heard of scented inks. I had already begun dabbling in calligraphy and was
crazy in love with gold-nibbed pens and good, crisp paper. But suddenly I was as
wild for scented inks as a bee for bergamot. Colored inks, I had already
discovered, but now my pleasure-writing took on a new dimension. That the French
and Italian inks I adored were shockingly expensive only added to their appeal;
this was luxury. I’ve bought purple inks that exude the heady fragrance of
old-fashioned violets. Brilliant blues redolent with jasmine. And my favorite, a
delightful fuchsia-colored ink (they call it red, but it isn’t, quite) from J.
Herbin that smells just like the roses in my back garden. (Those roses are out
of season now, but to remember them I have only to reach for the little bottle
on my desk and twist off the cap and take a whiff.).."

Brenda Coulter
"The Romance of Pen and Ink"
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