Travelling Light

Here’s a recent entry to the touring journal sites. Check it out while waiting for the revival of our own WMP next year. 


"They’re Moleskines. I love them, and I know that many of my friends use
them. Either a moleskine, or something similar. And we all use them for pretty
much the same reasons: to capture our thoughts, our ideas, those fleeting
moments of creativity. To write something down, a snippet of verse, a feeling,
the bones of something. Used perhaps to draw, to sketch something seen through
eyes or in the mind. We all use them differently, but we all use them the same.
To capture our creative thoughts….

…At the moment, there are three of them. And I guess they each ought to
have a name, or a number, so that we can keep track of them. We’ll work that
out, too. I don’t feel particularly inclined to stamp my mark on them, rather
wait to see what sort of identity they acquire as they travel. Let’s call them,
for now, Book One, Book Two, and Book Three."

Travelling Light

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