Under the digital mattress


"One of the most interesting things to come out of the secret sites discussion
is that people are keeping their private journals on the web instead of in a
paper journal under their mattress or in a Word document on their computer. This
sounds surprising, but there’s a couple of good reasons for it:

-The tools for writing, organizing, and searching an online journal
written with Typepad or LiveJournal are superior to those for writing a paper
journal or an electronic diary (in Word or text format) stored locally.
Hyperlinks, entries organized by date, mood, category, if you’re used to using
these things writing a public site, you might have trouble going back to just
text in a Word document for your important innermost thoughts.
-Your diary may actually be more private and secure on the web. A
password protected online journal is more difficult for a parent, significant
other, or parole officer to stumble upon and read than a document sitting on a
hard drive of a shared computer or hidden on the top shelf of a closet,
especially if you’re careful with your cookies, browser history, choose a good
password, and are more computer savvy than said parent/S.O./P.O."

"Under the Digital Mattress"
Jason Kottke


Image: "Be Seeing You"
By Olivander @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR.
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Under the digital mattress

  1. I’ve at times wondered if it made more sense to keep my journal electronically. The ability to back it up and search it are huge advantages. But I would miss the tactile feel of pen and paper. And if not backed up correctly and regularly, you could lose it all in a moment. A very scary thought.

    If you’ve been usign multiple journals over the years and one gets lost or damaged, you’ve only lost the one.


  2. Journal writing is an activity I have persued since I was a teen in the 60’s. I love being able to go back to each book and see what I wrote and how it was written. If I had writen all these years in a digital format I would not be able to see the progression in handwriting skills or be able to “read” the mood I was in from the way the handwriting appears. I think a person loses a lot by committing their deepest emotions in a digital format. Handwriten is so up close and personal.

    You also lose the doodles in the margin and drawings/sketches on the page. Another insight lost in digital formats.

    Besides, there was no digital format for me in the beginning and if there had been, what software would I use today to read it?

    Kasandra S.

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