Virtual Moleskine?

"I had the idea that it would be really neat to have a computer-based, Moleskine ‘simulation’.  Circus Ponies has come very close with their ‘NoteBook 2.0’, below. Now if only they could release a version that emulates a Mole instead of a drugstore spiral-bound!"

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5 thoughts on “Virtual Moleskine?

  1. Is there a version of that for Windows? I’d love to have a lined notebook style stationary/template for MS Word.

  2. Marcus, it’s simple to make your own “stationery” that looks like a wirebound notebook. Just use a scanner to capture an image of the notebook and then make that image into a watermark. Save the resulting file as a template.

    A better solution for use on a computer is OneNote, which is probably the best “notebook” software available. It offers the option of lined notebook-style backgrounds, and you can also design your own page formats. Make them look like anything you want.

    But as I’ve asked before, what’s the point of making your computer notebook look like a Moleskine or a spiral-bound notebook? I’ll grant that some users may find a college-ruled page visually pleasing or even emotionally comforting, but just changing the appearance does not give any new functionality to the software.

    Personally, I like Moleskines for what they are, and OneNote for what it does, and it seems to me that trying to make one function like the other just forces compromises in both that sooner or later are limiting.

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