Wil Wheaton

Wwn "I wanted to do something creative and cool for the booklet that comes with
Just A Geek The Audiobook, so I bought a Molskine notebook, and hand-wrote an
introduction, the chapter and track listings, and a bunch of liner notes in it.
There may also be a few things like the surfer "S", a Van Halen "VH", an actual
game of Tic-Tac-Toe that I played with my wife, and some of the other stuff that
you typically find on a Pee Chee folder in seventh grade. The idea is that Just
A Geek is sort of a journal (all about Star Trek, if you believe the cover and
marketing), and I think that this booklet ties in with that theme quite nicely.
It’s supermegatotallyawesome that I have the creative freedom to layer one
creative mini-project over another creative mega-project…"

Wil Wheaton

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