Moleskine & accessories

Here’s a quick setup from Moleskinerie pal Marc Veeneman: View a larger image @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR. Image: ABF Update: I had to get permission to post this but finally here’s Mr. Veeneman’s email on the subject: "I uncovered a leather pocket... Read More

To view the image with notes, go here.


Writing, in the small.

I’m seeing more and more of these pens paired with Moleskine: "That’s the notebook, sitting on top of a Cambridge green-n-yellow as a size reference for some of my readers. The glimpse of silver you see there isn’t my lucky... Read More



Here’s something to write home about…if you survive it! Introducing the "Alurunner®, the first shock absorber sled worldwide, minimizes your back-stress but multiplies your fun-experience!" LINK [Thanks JC in... Read More