“Journal for Elizabeth” by Carol Mothner

"…when the book has been shown publicly (with different pages open on different dates), some pages – those judged to be too personal – have been kept from view"

"Journal for Elizabeth, "Egret", by Carol Mothner, 2003-2004, watercolor,
egg tempera, ink, graphite, and tea, 5 1/2 x 7 1/4. Collection Elizabeth Morper.
Image courtesy Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph by Wendy
McEahern, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When faced with a serious illness, Santa Fe artist Carol Mothner created a
poignant journal for her daughter, Elizabeth, in her signature medium: egg

Watercolor Magazine
Image: © 2005 VNU eMedia Inc. All rights reserved

[Thanks Brenda Dammann!]


I just came back from a quick drive to the nearest Barnes &
Noble to get a copy. Verdict: worth every agonizing second of the
freezing  trip. Get yours now!

Google: egg tempera

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to “Journal for Elizabeth” by Carol Mothner

  1. Very cool, thanks, I’ll check that out!


  2. Michelle says:

    isn’t this amazing? I got the magazine this weekend and I thought, “hey that looks like a Moleskine!”.

  3. Heels says:

    I sent my husband out for the new issue last night and Mothner’s artwork, her journal and the message behind both is breathtaking and spiritually uplifting.

  4. Alia says:

    I snuck a look at B&N. My one disappointment was that the magazine did not provide any close-ups of the paintings. I wanted to get right down in there and look at the exquisite detail.

    Beautifully done work. It does make me wonder if the journal ever was really intended for the artist’s daughter or if that was the “conceit” of the piece…or if it was a personal thing that then later became “Art.” I know what the article says. I’m just curious beyond the sound bite. Neither answer would diminish my appreciation for the piece. But as an artist and journal-keeper, I wonder all the same.

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