Anniversary Armband

Leave it to Leslie Russell to come up with the wackiest Moleskine mods:


"Since I first saw a Moleskine notebook on the Idea web site about
three years ago, I have been using them to keep notes, but it wasn’t
until I found that I learned what fun the little
darlings can be.

M2fShow your Moleskine love with the Moleskine armband hack.."

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For whatever purpose it may serve the universe, we’ve apparently been nominated for the Bloggies. Thanks Mikaela!

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Armband

  1. I bet you could keep them the same width and make them into an armband. Even better, layer colors into a sort of flag. Now all we need is an interesting logo (space pen swastika?). It’s only a matter of time before the Moleskine cult rises up to form a new facist nation.

    In case you didn’t realize, this is not serious. I’m putting this disclaimer here because I’m not making the same mistake Jonathan Swift did (see A Modest Proposal).

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