Barnes & Noble Calendar Binder Mod


Marc Veeneman turns a calendar binder into a notebook case as featured in this previous post.

"Spread the rings apart by pressing the end tabs; remove the punched pages, the plastic ruler.  Pull out the protective cardboard sheet, too. The punched pages are exactly 3" x 5" so Hipster PDA users will want to inspect what the rest of us discard." 


Pry the end of the bar from the base of its mounting post. The objective here is to remove the entire post.


This is what the post looks like just before it breaks free from the leather lining.  I do this gently in order to prevent tearing the leather; it stretches just enough to release the mounting post.(Crafters may call it a rivet, I apologize if post is the wrong noun.)


A pliers is quicker if less gentle.


Since the binder already has a pocket for 3" x 5" cards, I’m saving the foldout calendar found just under the cover sheet of the punched paper we originally set aside.


The wallet nicely holds my 12 half-pan watercolor box, an eraser chunk, a pencil, and a couple of retractable brushes.  The business card slot on the inside cover is wide enough for my Color Wheel Company Pocket Guide.  Now my black Moleskine sketch book can travel in one binder with its companion paint set in another.  How nice of Barnes & Noble to provide both black and brown models of this annual bargain!

Text by M. Veeneman
Photo: ABF