Enter Cahier


"Recently I was at Borders picking up Introduction to Metaphysics by Martin Heidegger (which I highly reccomend). I was fumbling to find the philosophy section, when I felt a tug. Like a magnet, I found myself in front of the Moleskine rack, cursing under my breath for putting myself in this position. Well, I had to get one. Just one, I promised. But which one?

I wanted to try something new, but they didn’t have the finest selection. In fact, there were only the pocket and large of ruled,  grid, sketchbook, stenographer plain, memo pockets, and the cahier. I thought about getting the memo pockets, but I really wouldn’t use it often enough. Definately on my list, however. I sneakily opened a stenographer plain to see what it felt like to write with, but alas, it was a wholy disappointing experience. I don’t use the large notebooks, because they’re too much of a burden to fill. I still have half of a ruled book left, so that’s out of the question. Well, I figured a safe bet was to get something cheap. Enter Cahier…"

Chad Sobodash

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Image: ABF