Featured artist: Ryder Carroll

" My work is the result of a life-long waltz with hyperactivity. Over the years, my incessant doodling has evolved into an angry amalgam of coarse calligraphy, iconography, illumination, and polyglot typos.  My line work allows me to relax from my digital work, which by contrast is intentional. Though I’m more involved with the latter, everything begins with an ink line penned into my thirsty Moleskine." 


"A reworked photo I took for the glass soup site, it’s my take on a villain in the book."


"An ongoing piece that will be featured in a new collection I’m working on. My laboratory, my Moleskine."


"An illustration done for the glass soup site. All illustrations featured on the site were done in a Moleskine. "

Ryder Carroll


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