Fountain Pens and Moleskine


Small quad journal, Lettering in Diamine Tropical Blue Ink

are not especially fountain pen friendly, except with a fine, dry
writer.  The finer and drier the better.  The best inks are the
traditional, quick drying ones, such as Parker Quink and Sheaffer
Skrip.  But the way Moleskine paper interacts with fountain pen isn’t
nearly as ugly as what happens with cheap copier and notebook paper.
It doesn’t spread and bleed in an indescrimination manner, or even
turn a fine line into a medium.  Instead, the ink dyes select paper
fibers and color radiates from each letter.  Bleed through?  Only with
the wettest of pens.


Dani Trio Pen, Noodler’s Blue Black Ink

Dan Carmell,
Fountain pen collector–and user
San Leandro, California

Photos courtesy of the author