homohome at Cinders Gallery


Feb. 3- March 5, 2006
Opening Feb. 3,
Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer St.  (between Hope and Grand)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Gallery phone: 718-388-2311

Opening Friday, February
3-Artist-made Items for the Homohome

Following Cinders’ "home art"
credo, Kay Turner has curated  homohome  a show exploring domestic queerness.
Fully titled "prototype for a homohome catalog," the show will transform Cinders
into a living catalogue of home products-with a homo twist. Come browse the
"pages" from Feb. 3-March 5, shop for your Valentine before February 14, and
don’t miss the homohome opening on Friday, February 3 from 7-11p.m. with special
homoesque performances hosted by Snaggletooth with performances by Sini
Anderson of Sisterspit, Pilou and Norwich, Liz D, Lisa Cohen and

Beginning in 1987, artist David Kolwyck began to create meticulous
prototypes for consumer objects under the moniker "Queerco presents Homohome."
Kolwyck’s funny and ironic objects were imprinted with a queer modus op; for
example, his homohome recycling air freshener (1992) pictured a flower-swathed,
chest-bare Joe Dellesandro and used recycled perfume samples from Vogue as the
scent du jour!! Those who see the world queer-ly and homo-ly add a touch of
madness and delight to the everyday. The homo home is an ideal home for
exploring the intersection of art and domesticity. Our motto is "every home a
homo home."

Artists for homohome at Cinders were asked to submit works that might appear in
a catalogue of "must-haves" for the homo home. Our motto is "every home a homo
home." So, come on New York City! Get ready to improve your homo lifestyle. Fill
your shopping cart with David Kolwyck’s recycling air fresheners (the homohome
original will be on view, too), Marget Long’s corporate lesbian jigsaw puzzles,
Ginger Takahashi’s gay power pillows, Paige Gratland’s  feminist hair pieces,
Chris Cuomo’s Homey Pamphlets,  Nancy Brooks Brody’s gaily colored
seashells, Jonah Bokaer’s light fixtures, Sheila Pepe’s merkin cozies, Lisa
Mellinger’s  homemade LV boxes, Cristina Biaggi’s "Welcome Homo"
plaques, Karen Hellyer’s transgender tool kit, Mary Beth Edelson’s house
buddhas, Lucky Jo Boscarino’s butch plumber’s candle holders, Paula Schorr’s
homo hubcaps, Onya Hogan-Finlay’s quick change undies, Sabra Booth’s TV trays,
James Morrison’s erotic paper towels, Cheryl Furjanic’s funny films, John
Movius’ homostamps,  Maxine Henryson’s  petite photos, Emily Stevenson’s
fur-lined "Meret," Darby Smotherman’s kitchen aids, Suzanne Zuckerman’s lamps ,
Donna Henes’s lamp shades, E.G. Crichton’s spotless sculptures, Melissa
Memory’s feral pickles, Elizabeth Demaray’s housecoats for houseplants, Candy
Halikas’s Sentmental Homo Plaques, Paige Gratland and Rayne Baron’s "Donuts",
Judith Mullen’s Venus Goddess jewelry, and Laura Kellner’s pink LED flashlights.

All in all, it’s a catalogue full of objects transformed by the
homo-touch and it’s the only place to do your Valentine shopping.

U.S. is lifestyle crazy and American consumer culture has been catalogue crazy
for over a hundred years and the catalogue craze has only grown with the 21st
century’s on-line purchasing power. Gay or straight, bi or trans, our population
anxiously peruses catalogues from Pottery Barn, Ikea, and Crate and Barrel as if
they hold the biblical answer to right living. But the homohome catalogue holds
the key to righteous living! Meaning: use your imagination!! Homohome imagines a
catalogue that really exists only in the realm of the conceptual. Prototype for
a Homohome Catalogue is an exercise in the excessive possibilities of queerness.
The homohome catalogue materializes and de-materializes over time; it is always
in process even as it fails to make progress. It is always anti-assimilationist.
Ultimately, Homohome Catalogue is meant to include all homo-home objects made by
queer artists then, now and forever. We are undefined and defining. We are at
home in our homohome.

Press release
Kay Turner, Curator