House of Leaves


"House of Leaves is the debut novel by writer Mark Z. Danielewski. The
novel quickly became a bestseller following its March 7 2000 release, although
it had already developed a cult following through gradual release over the
Internet. It was followed by the companion piece, The Whalestoe Letters.


The format and structure of the novel is unconventional, with unusual
page layout and style. It contains copious footnotes, which often contain
additional footnotes themselves; the direction of the text frequently flows in
unusual directions; and some sections of the book have only a few lines of text
or just a word or two on each page, arranged in strange ways, often to create a
claustrophobic effect or to otherwise mirror the events in the story. The novel
is also distinctive for its multiple narrators, which interact with each other
throughout the story in disorienting and elaborate ways."


[Thanks  Amelia  Clarke, West Yorkshire]

3 thoughts on “House of Leaves

  1. This book scared me while I read it at night. Endless footnotes and the typography, wow. The idea behind everything was super interesting though and just the House itself. I kind of expected more from the ending but nevertheless, it’s a good read.

  2. I started this, loaned it to two friends both of whom enjoyed it, and then re-started it relatively recently. I think my big problem is that my paperback copy is HUGE and completely inappropriate for hauling around on public transportation. Eventually, I will finish it!

    I did enjoy Poe’s “Haunted” album, made to sort-of go with the book (Poe is the author’s sister).

  3. I remember when this book was in style a couple years ago. I wasnt too impressed. it was strange just for the point of being strange, not much point to it all that i could discern. Interesting and novel idea, but I wish a better writer had done it rather than Danielewski.

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