Lines and Colors: Saul Steinberg


"Born in Romania and educated in Bucharest and Milan (philosophy,
literature and architecture), cartoonist and illustrator Saul Steinberg sold his
first cartoon to The New Yorker in 1941 while he was waiting for his visa to
enter the US. His witty, imaginative, uncannily perceptive and deceptively
simple images appeared on the cover and in the pages of The New Yorker for
nearly 60 years. Despite his successful gallery and museum exhibitions around
the US and across Europe, Steinberg never stopped doing illustrations and
cartoons for the magazine. He just loved the printed page and the printed page
loved him back.

In a number of his drawings Steinberg made use of one of the
conventions of comics: words coming out of people’s mouths, to brilliant effect,
substituting lines, shapes, patterns and visual symbols for words, and giving us
a graphic impression of speech and verbalization…"

Charley Parker
Lines and Colors


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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