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Here’s a quick setup from Moleskinerie pal Marc Veeneman:


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I had to get permission to post this but finally here’s Mr. Veeneman’s email on the subject:

"I uncovered a leather pocket Moleskine case with pen(cil) holder at the
Barnes & Noble store.  They sell a ‘personal organizer’ for 2006 in
5" size that’s just perfect.  Retail is $14.95 but they are 75% off now
so it’s affordable.  After setting aside all of the 3" x 5" loose leaf
pages, use a screw driver as a prybar to dislodge the end fastening
posts from the ring mechanism.  Slip the prybar between the curved
metal piece which serves to unclasp the rings and the long bar which
houses the rings.  Twist a few times on each end and you’ll lift the
entire mechanism away from the zipper binder; discard the mechanism.

What you have left is a zipper binder which holds the pocket Moleskine,
a G2 or other favorite writing instrument, a couple of 3" x 5" index
cards (under a flap on the inside cover), and some business cards (or
playing cards!)

The price is right.

also have a smaller binder whose ring mechanism is tabbed at both ends
with an easily dislodged bent metal tab and is glued to the leather.
This mechanism also dislodges easily and the glue can be rubbed off the leather with your finger tips.  This smaller binder
holds the W&N watercolor box I described some time ago on the
Moleskinerie discussion about colored pencils.  There’s enough extra
room for a small water container.  The same binder could easily be used
to hold short colored pencils or watercolor crayons like the Neocolor
IIs.  Net price of this $9.95 binder is $2.50 after the 75% discount.
If you have, as I did, a B&N membership card, the net price comes
down to $2.25 before tax.

These bargains won’t last so don’t tell your friends before you hustle to the nearest B&N store to pick up your own."

These bargains won\'t last so don\'t tell your friends before you hustle
to the nearest B&N store to pick up your own.

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11 thoughts on “Moleskine & accessories

  1. Armand, it was the second one. Thanks!

    Getting ready for a 10-day trip to London next month to visit my sister and taking along M.sketchbook and aquarelles. Got Prismacolors, ordered some Palominos yesterday to try out. I’m no artist, but I’m going to give it a try anyway. If my sketches aren’t too absurd, I’ll post them along with a review of the Palominos on Pencil Revolution. Probably will take a pen loaded with Noodler’s Black too. Thought maybe between what Marc said above and the comments in the earlier discussion I might learn something useful, and I did.


  2. I realized that I needed a case for my Moleskine after I saw this post. So I did a bit of searching on the web and found that “Blackhawk Industries” makes a pocket organizer called a “BDU mini pocket pack” that fits the pocket-size Moleskines perfectly. I found mine at a sporting goods shop that specializes in military clothing and spec ops gear. The price was reasonable: $17.99 plus tax. It can fit a pocket-size Moleskine and two pocket-size cahiers, my passport, five Pigma Micron pens, a Philippine flag patch, a Quebec flag patch and a little pocket knife. It’s pretty durable, made of Cordura and ballistic nylon, and I’m sure it’s water-resistant. It should last and hold up to the rigors of travel and daily abuse. It’s a great accessory for people who write everyday.


  3. I was reading about the B&N binder conversion, and had an idea. There is a series of cosmetics organizers called “Studio Basics”. I found the “mini” size at Rite-Aid, and it has a pull-out credit-card organizer pocket, that a Moleskine fits in just perfectly. The inside of the zipped organizer holds a small watercolor set, has some slots (originally for makeup tools) that hold pens or folding brushes, and internal removable, page-like pouches to hold sharpeners, etc. I have a couple more pictures at
    This gives you a perfect small sketching/watercolor kit with the Moleskine of your choice, paints, pens, etc. The pen/pencil slots are a bit too short for a new pencil, but one that is sharpened down a bit works. The company’s web site only show a (newer?) version with white stitching, but the one I just bought (9.99) is all black with black stitching, so other drugstores might have that version still in stock.
    Hope this helps someone else looking for a storage solution for Moleskines.

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