Moleskine Notebook and Studio Basics organizer

Susan left this message in the comment box which I think should be a separate post:


I was reading about the B&N binder conversion, and had an idea.
There is a series of cosmetics organizers called "Studio Basics". I
found the "mini" size at Rite-Aid, and it has a pull-out credit-card
organizer pocket, that a Moleskine fits in just perfectly. The inside
of the zipped organizer holds a small watercolor set, has some slots
(originally for makeup tools) that hold pens or folding brushes, and
internal removable, page-like pouches to hold sharpeners, etc. I have a
couple more pictures at

This gives you a perfect small sketching/watercolor kit with the
Moleskine of your choice, paints, pens, etc. The pen/pencil slots are a
bit too short for a new pencil, but one that is sharpened down a bit
works. The company’s web site only show a (newer?) version with white
stitching, but the one I just bought (9.99) is all black with black
stitching, so other drugstores might have that version still in stock.

Hope this helps someone else looking for a storage solution for Moleskines.

Susan Cassidy