New Year’s Promises, Wrapped in Gold

"Long ago, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, there was a restaurant named Chun Cha Fu. My family went there whenever we could, and I loved it as if it too were my family: the booths with their torn... Read More


homohome at Cinders Gallery

Feb. 3- March 5, 2006Opening Feb. 3, 7-11pmCinders Gallery103 Havemeyer St.  (between Hope and Grand)in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYGallery phone: 718-388-2311 Opening Friday, February 3-Artist-made Items for the Homohome Following Cinders’ "home art" credo, Kay Turner has curated  homohome  a show... Read More



The diversity of subjects drawn on Moleskine has always fascinated me as in these contrasting images by Yelnoc: From mountain trails… to contrails. Image: Yelnoc @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with permission. Happy Australia Day to our friends Down... Read More



"The tristesse that Lévi-Strauss describes is what a Westerner might feel as he surveys those vast poverty-stricken cities of the tropics, as he contemplates the huddled masses and their wretched lives. But he does not see the city through their... Read More


Foldz Flat® Pen

"The Foldz Flat® Pen is the most unique pen you’ll ever use. Folding down to a remarkable 3" long and less than 1/8" thick, it’s so thin and feather-light you’ll barely know it’s there! 5 3/4" unfolded. It’s a must-have... Read More


Lines and Colors: Saul Steinberg

"Born in Romania and educated in Bucharest and Milan (philosophy, literature and architecture), cartoonist and illustrator Saul Steinberg sold his first cartoon to The New Yorker in 1941 while he was waiting for his visa to enter the US. His... Read More


Writing As Punishment – A Rant

Mike Swickey over at Papernotes writes about his pet peeve: "The scenario is usually something like this: Johnny or Sally is late for class (or some such thing), and the teacher tells them that their punishment will be, "a writing... Read More


Zen and The Art of Ink Fade Testing

Leonardo left some intriguing results to his own pen fade testing in the comments of the Pen Freak post on my own Weblog. I felt this information was interesting enough to have Leonardo write up in detail, so his findings... Read More


“Journal for Elizabeth” by Carol Mothner

"…when the book has been shown publicly (with different pages open on different dates), some pages – those judged to be too personal – have been kept from view" "Journal for Elizabeth, "Egret", by Carol Mothner, 2003-2004, watercolor, egg tempera,... Read More