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Barnes & Noble Calendar Binder Mod

Marc Veeneman turns a calendar binder into a notebook case as featured in this previous post. "Spread the rings apart by pressing the end tabs; remove the punched pages, the plastic ruler.  Pull out the protective cardboard sheet, too. The … Continue reading

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Jim Bumgarner: “Kansas City Jazz”

"Just me, my moleskine and pen, a $12 Jack Daniels "on the rocks," and live jazz, not that "cd sound" coming outa my speakers, the real thing! Oh yeah, just one drink at that price, and I did sip it … Continue reading

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New from Noodler’s Ink

Luxury Brands USA has released its first batch of new products for the year, including a line of  invisible inks. Noodler’s InkLINK [Thanks Chris!]

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Leverage your goals and life plan by placing a high bounty

Kim points us to this "hack": "I was writing my name inside the front cover of my Moleskine notebook yesterday when I noticed the "Reward if Found" area. This reminded me of a leveraging technique we can use to add … Continue reading

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Celebration Time!

"This page was created after I FINALLY! finished all my college applications. I’ve applied to several different art colleges, and in turn i’ve done several different art projects. It felt good to finally be able to do so some art … Continue reading

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The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyám

"In life devote yourself to joy and love Behold the beauty of the peaceful dove Those who live, in the end must all perish Live as if you are already in heavens above." Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam  THE KEEPER The … Continue reading

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Notebook Nirvana

"On the road to organizational nirvana, I thought it was time to try a Moleskine…   The little moleskine is much smaller than my usual sketchbook/notebook– roughly 3×5" in size. It had lovely light cream colored paper inside and the … Continue reading

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For those into leather…

Here is Leslie Herger’s version of the Moleskine pen clip. "I made mine a little different; I used a 1 and a quarter stripe of leather, eyelets to attach and then threaded my pen through the open slot at the … Continue reading

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Moleskine & accessories

Here’s a quick setup from Moleskinerie pal Marc Veeneman: View a larger image @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR. Image: ABF Update: I had to get permission to post this but finally here’s Mr. Veeneman’s email on the subject: "I uncovered a leather pocket … Continue reading

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Writing, in the small.

I’m seeing more and more of these pens paired with Moleskine: "That’s the notebook, sitting on top of a Cambridge green-n-yellow as a size reference for some of my readers. The glimpse of silver you see there isn’t my lucky … Continue reading

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