Size Matters: The Pilot G2 Mini

I finally got some G2 Minis at an OfficeMax last Friday. Here are photos for comparison.

G2 Minis in package with pocket Ms.

Pocket Sketchbook M, a G2 Mini and their Big Bros.

Images: ABF

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3 thoughts on “Size Matters: The Pilot G2 Mini

  1. I still haven’t seen the G2 mini in retail stores here in Long Island, New York. I really want some!!!

  2. While you are looking for your Mini-G2, see if you can find the new Pilot Axiom. This is an “Executive” pen that takes the G-2 refill. It has a nice weight to it, excellent balance and it looks great, with a brushed metal cap and polished metal body. I bought mine at an Office Depot, in a blister pack at the checkout counter, for about $6.

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