Clam Clip Dispenser

M. Leddy posts about his find from the local Office Depot:


"Stationery-wise (as they might say in Billy Wilder’s The Apartment),
this gadget is just amazing: slide the dispenser over the pages you
want to clip, push the blue piece forward, and a clip clips them. The
clips are stainless-steel, reusable, and they load at the back of the
dispenser. According to online office supply sites, "The Clam Clip
System is a product created with pride by Americans who are blind."


[Thanks Johnny!]

7 thoughts on “Clam Clip Dispenser

  1. What a nice surprise to see the link this morning — thanks, Armand and Johnny. The credit for this find though really goes to a friend. (Thanks again, Stephen!)

  2. I’ve been using these things for years…in Japan they are called Gachuk…for brief time they were avaialble in the states from Avery. They are really useful…I’m glad they are once again available here.

  3. I need to get my eyes checked. Or my brain. When I looked at that headline the first two or three times, what I read was, “Clam Dip Dispenser” — I wondered what Office Despot was doing in the party supply business. And why would a clam dip dispenser be so small? With no chips in the picture.

    Maybe I just need a drink …

  4. I’ve had a similar item for over 20 years! I bought a box of 100 clips in the 80s but now I’m running short on clips. :> I hope these are the same size. I thought I’d found ’em in a craft store a couple weeks ago but they were too big.

  5. A note of caution on the Clam Clip System devices. I work at an office where several people have hand problems and prefer the clam clip to the paperclip for small documents. The older blue-all-over non-see-through model that uses the “medium” size clip has been in constant use by a number of folks for a couple of years that I know of (I’ve only been here three years) with no problems, but the new design for both small and medium clam clips is a near total failure. I have 3 brand new medium size dispensers that don’t work and 1 small that clipped one document, then stopped working altogether.

  6. I hate to disappoint you, but this clam-clip with the dispenser was created and patented by a chinesse in 1997. Look at the patent number on the clam itself and do your research;I did and found out it was a Chinessee who created it.

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