Requiem for a notebook


"I’m pensioning off my moleskine with full military honours. Were it not
for the strict laws that state journalists must hold onto their notes
for, ooh, years and years, I would be interring it in hallowed ground
tucked up with violet silk.

We’ve been close, my notebook and
I. We’ve travelled the nation’s motorways and railroads together,
chasing copy on almost every subject under the sun. Between its
crisply-bound covers are notes on Lee Miller, at least 13 pages on
ceramics commerative of Lord Nelson, two short stories, a gig review
complete with a love letter scrawled in a unknown and manly hand and,
of course, the cocktail piece.

There’s little so glamorous, I
think, as a woman alone, preferably attired in green boots, curled in
the corner of a chi-chi bar, sipping quietly at her G and T and
scratching furiously in her black-bound reporter…"

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Image: © 2006 OL