AFK*: “Cars? What cars?”



I was at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show over the weekend. You are invited to view my photoset at FLICKR.

Images by ABF

© 2006. All Rights Reserved.

*Away From Keyboard

An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup postings. Also
the name for this section of photos from weekend trips, meetups,
safaris and other pixel moments from friends of To be
featured, send us your images with captions.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to AFK*: “Cars? What cars?”

  1. Christopher says:

    Great stuff, thanks!

  2. gary says:

    I hope you weren’t one of the several photographers elbowing their way through, and generally making themselves obnoxious by staking out major portions of real estate around the exhibits.

    Nope, no photos of your girlfriend/model snuck their way into YOUR pictures. Thanks, and thanks.

  3. Armand says:

    No Sir. In fact I was so way out of the way that I caught the attention of the security personnel.

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