AFK*: This is…London.


Winter is the best time for SWL. Few thunderstorms, not much static. My tiny bedside shortwave monitoring station. Tango from Buenos Aires, poetry from Taipei, the Angelus from Radio Vaticana. Fidel and Hugo on Radio Habana. Uncensored. Priceless.

Image: ABF
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*Away From Keyboard

An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup postings. Also
the name for this section of photos from weekend trips, meetups,
safaris and other pixel moments from friends of To be
featured, send us your images with captions.


Greetings to our friends in Northbrook, IL, King’s Walden, Cagliari,
Toulouse, Cornwallis, Alkmaar, Gulde Delle, Constanta, Istanbul,
Panama, Bayern, Laitasaari, Zacatecas, Oxie, Chiba, Shek Pai Wan,
Marbella, Delhi, San Juan, Kampong Segambut Dalam, Caracas, Victoria,
Riga, Ryde, Pembroke, KY, Hainan and Kazakhstan.

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