Analog Vs. Digital Journals


"There’s an interesting analog vs. digital debate going on out in
cyberspace that I first picked up on at Into The Snow. I knew instantly that I
am an analog type of gal. I don’t own a microwave and prefer to use my stove. I
don’t care about the type of ring tones on my phone and selected the least
annoying one. I don’t want a Blackberry but I have three paper calendars that I
keep up to date (one in my kitchen, one at the office, one in my bag). I will
never get the appeal of reading a book online versus holding a book in your
hands, smelling the paper (I sniff paper, I admit it), turning the pages, and
looking at rows of books on a shelf.

There’s a new word out in UrbanDictionary called anablog, a play on the
words analog and blog.

The old fashioned journal you wrote in with crushed tree pulp, binding,
and maybe some kind of lock mechanism. For some reason people used to like
writing opinions only they read. It is a fad past its prime but Borders still
sells them for some reason."

Colleen’s Open Notebook

Image: "RIP 2005.04.21 – 2006.02.12" by Verdammelt @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR.
© All rights reserved. Used with permission. Also check out the next frame, " Le Notebook est mort. Vive le Notebook!"

3 thoughts on “Analog Vs. Digital Journals

  1. I am so glad that there are other admitted papersniffers out there! I too love to look, touch, feel, gaze and smell books as I read them; it is part of the whole experience!

  2. I cannot open my laptop and run the side of my thumb down the screen, feeling the indentations of my writing, my work.

    On my laptop, all my words are typed and perfectly and proportionately spaced. In my Moleskine (grid paper)the writing goes from anal retentive personality block capital printing to connected printing to cursive, reflecting the urgency with which I wrote.

    I cannot draw in the margins of my laptop. I cannot recall the lesson of a Japanese engineer friend of my father, who taught me, many long years ago, to draw bamboo with a fountain pen and the side of my thumb.


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