Biscuits Chocolat et Fèves de Cacao

From our friend Clotilde:


"Soft and cakey and thrice chocolate-flavored — from the velvet of melted
chocolate, the strength of cocoa powder, and the aromatic crunch of cacao nibs
— these bite-size cookies should fit into either one of these Valentine’s Day
1. You tend to throw yourself rhapsodically into the whole
gift-and-card-and-flower-giving thing: it’s fun, it’s red, and it gives you the
perfect excuse to buy and eat chocolate. In this case, you can bake a batch or
two of these cookies, wrap them up in all manner of glossy ribbons and
heart-shaped tins, and spread the love…"

Chocolate & Zucchini


Valentine’s Day-related Moleskine sighting: "Flirting with Danger" on Lifetime. Crystal says it was a daily diary. Thanks!

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