"Folks on the train not sleeping or reading are staring into their keitai
(mobile phones) and nudging the tiny keys with their thumbs; others are pecking
away at laptops; dinosaur me, writing by hand with my Moleskine and pen. There
are deep differences in scribing via these modes that are yet to be

Robert Brady

Visit his blog, PureLand Mountain.

Image: "frseeeeeeeefronnnng to matsumoto" by Songlines @ FLICKR
© All rights reserved. Used with permission.

6 thoughts on “DINOSAURING

  1. The Moleskine brand name does have a faddish tinge to it, but this resurgence in paper journaling represents something deeper than a mere trend. I think it symbolizes a real urge away from the overwhelming interconnectedness of modern society. In a way it helps us assimilate advancing changes technology imposes; it’s a willful stand for a belief that, for peace of mind, sometimes simpler is better.

  2. Am I the only one who cannot follow the “Visit his blog” link? The URL looks rather suspicious here…

  3. Can’t say I’ve noticed a resurgence in ‘paper journaling’. Writing by hand has always been the most efficient form of writing. The fetish for the moleskine seems to exist largely among those who are also heavy internet users. It is perhaps these people who are enthusing about the return to paper. Everyone else maintains the same relationship to it. I don’t know why you say ‘SOMETIMES simpler is better’. Almost always, simpler is better. The ultimate simplicity is not having a notebook with a personality at all.

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