Featured Artist: Allison Sommers


"Currently, I’m working as a graphic designer for a paper in the lovely
little hamlet (well, it’s bigger than a hamlet; a ham?) of
Charlottesville, Virginia. I’ll admit: though I love my job, it was
pure accident. I prefer my mediums more immediate, more tangible, and
more of a mess than cold Quark & Photoshop.


Thusly, Moleskine:
companion to my wandering imagination, my occasional epiphanies, and my
gnat-like attention span. There’s something about its yellowy pages
that nullifies the empty brain and anxiousness that an ordinary white
sheet presents. And it’s small enough for trips to bars and for fitting
between my keyboard and the edge of my desk (really, what else does one
do when PDFing?). As for my work, I’m constantly problem-solving; I’m
in between the answer and the solution but wholly unaware of what
either of those are. My best guess is that they involve busty girls,
outdated fabric patterns, and sea creatures, with a healthy dose of


View her FLICKR photoset.

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