Feltrinelli Moleskine Ad


Apparently there’s a new ad campaign for Feltrinelli. Here’s part of the copy from our Italian sources:

"EXCITING! the new promotion  labelled "la Feltrinelli":
Arouse your mind,
revile boredom and  rouse your curiosity……

EXCITING! La nuova
promozione targata la Feltrinelli
Risveglia la mente, combatte la noia,
stimola la voglia di libri, CD, DVD e videogame con sconti fino al 40%. Dal 14
febbraio al 12 marzo 2006…."

What can I say, when in Rome…shop at Feltrinelli ! 🙂

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Feltrinelli Moleskine Ad

  1. ricardo says:

    A good escuse to go to Rome!

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