Making the Switch

Witness the transition:


"Not that kind of switch!!!

From my electronic PDA, my much love TungstenE to a moleskine address
book. I’m nto sure I like the molie adress book but I’ll see how it
works for me. I’m tired of lugging around a PDA thais sometimes charged
and sometimesnot, and mostcetainly not always charged when I need it to
be. So tswitch from PalmTop to MoleTop is an easy one for me."

Leslie @ LJ


© 2006 Leslie Herger

3 thoughts on “Making the Switch

  1. I have a Moleskine address book as well, but have been hesitant to make the switch due to the time it would take to transfer the many contacts that I currenly have in my PDA…thoughts? Ideas?

  2. I have over 2000 addresses in my palm pilot (organizational databases), as well as copies of manuscripts and important work documents totalling well over 500 pages — this is what PDAs are perfect for. So it certainly doesn’t make sense for me to switch to a hand-entered address book. But I like the small daily journal, which I use for my diary. And I take the small blank notebook on all outdoor excursions – this is what Moleskines are perfect for.

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