Moleskine & Datestamp

For all those who have labored through the pages of their notebooks, check this out:


"From now on, I can stamp the dates into my moleskines…"

By Björn Amherd @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR.
© All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Moleskine & Datestamp

  1. Been doing the same thing for about a year. Also, I got another stamper that just has numbers, whic I use to number the pages of each new Moleskine before I start using it…

  2. Why worry about carrying a stamp and stamp pad when you can more easily write the date into your moleskine? I like to have certain entries stand out so I always have two different colored inks in the pens in my pocket.

  3. I’ve always made a habit of putting the date I first start using a new book in the front cover and then the date I when I finish it. This helps me quickly find the one I want from my archive. The only other time I use dates is when I do a sketch. I find that gives me a sense of time frame for other things in between.

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